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Great group of people


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Just wanted to take the time to say I'm glad to be a part of this forum and also a part of Shelby American.


What a great group of people that Shelby American is made up of. Everyone I dealt with has been professional and a pleasure to deal with...especially Roger Sorel, Steve Thornton, and Robert Lane. Had the pleasure of meeting them at the Bash and I had a really good time. They kinda made you feel like family.

The members that make up this online community are also quite pleasant to deal with. I had members offering to help me with shipping a helmet to the Bash. Others volunteered their tools to me as well when I had to make a quick repair out on the track.


It's nice to be involved with a group of people like this and I just wanted to recognize it.


- Joe

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Joe, you bring up a great point here. I`ve not really met anyone in the forum yet. But, I have vowed to get out to the tri-state area this spring, (with the car) to some functions to put faces with these conversations that I`ve had for so long!


A few guys are near and dear to me, just `cause you can tell you have sumthin in common. It has become a part of my life, talking to you guys on here. The root of our interests are Shelby cars for sure, but it takes a similarly minded person to be interested / know and just plain get the whole Shelby automobile lifestyle to begin with! Thus, we are instantly bonded in a strange way?




edit- for shame, for shame... and yes, thanks to Roger, Steve, and Robert for their attentiveness to EVERYTHING that goes on here!

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