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Push Button Starter Info

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Well, I did a search but couldn't find anything...



Has anyone purchased and installed the GT Ford Push Button Starter Button? Has anyone adapted the S2000 Honda Starter Button?


Curious about the install. Do you like it? Did you eliminate the key starter entirely? Are there other button options out there with better aesthetics? Any problems? (I have heard about a low level light appearing for some reason...)


I can also see where this would be an opportunity to utilize an anti-theft switch or mechanism in-line with the re-wiring..


I like the idea of using the factory Ford GT button and harness kit from Ford Racing, but I really like the appearance of the S2000 switch which lights up at night (but requires a relay for power distribution).


So... Anyone here have any experience, photos, comments or thoughts?

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You still need the key in the ignition (and turned on) for the aftermarket push button starter (PBS) to work.


Only factory installed PBS will work without the key actually in the ignition. They use a sensor that "reads" that the key is in the vehicle and allows it to start.

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Send Jason (JASPONY) a PM with your questions... He has one installed in his 2007 SGT... As long as you don't mind tearing out the center console and radio stack yourself, he said it wasn't too hard to do... Also have to splice in a couple of wires near the ignition switch...


I've thought about doing it myself, but just never got around to ordering the parts... And YES, you do need to insert the regular key in the ignition and turn it to the "ON" position in order for the push button to "START" the car... Pretty cool mod...




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Guess I should clarify. I am familiar with the installation techniques for both the Factory Ford GT starter button option and also the aftermarket button utilizing a relay.


I am also aware that the key is still used to put the switch into the "run" position.


What I meant by "eliminating the key starter" is whether the green wire had been spliced (to use either the key start position or the starter button to turn over the car), or whether the green wire had been cut so that ONLY the starter button would turn the starter motor.


Just curious if anyone here had done the mod and what their opinions were. I believe one of the Shelby mod cars (maybe the Terlingua) has the factory Ford GT button installed as part of the package, so I guess maybe that is one reason to just use the Ford button, but I really like the idea that the S2000 button lights up.


Yeah... a gimmick option I admit, but I think it adds a fun factor.

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