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Tired of exhaust draggin'

BB KoncepZ

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so i went a different route on my 2010 GT 500....i decided to run the Roush offroad kit since my car is a Hellion car....i figured the turbos would cut the exhaust down some but i was wrong!!! it was stupid loud which is fine but it sounded like a truck for some reason and all the other roush kits have sounded good. so i then cut the little resolutions off and welded in some round magnaflows. its a little quiet and the mufflers only hang down about another 2" or so....so then i lower the car with a pro-kit and now my mufflers hit the reflectors in the road when im changin lanes...so now i need a new plan...


got any opinions??? besides the mufflers bein at the rear of the car???

i thought about gettin some longer,slimer resonators to go in place of the magnaflows or just put my stock exhaust back on all together...

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