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Gauge Color choice?


Gauge Color Choice  

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  1. 1. What Color do you have for your Gauges?

    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • White
    • MyColor- Custom
    • Patriotic Red, White and Blue
    • Like a Mood Ring, I change it all the time!
  2. 2. Do you use a different color for ambient lighting?

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Obviously, this is more of a question for the 2008-2009 cars, because you have halo color choices and more choices with the 2010+ cars.


I was riding in a different GT500 the other night and started to wonder this. Curious to see how it pans out.


I almost always kept mine red to match my red stripe GT500, and then took it a step further and changed ALL of the console and door lights out to red as well. Even the cabin lights I changed to red. Easy on the eyes and great for stealth lighting that doesnt bother the driver.


I sometimes switched to the RWB patriotic gauge colors.

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I had mine all blue for a while, probably a year and a half, then I went green......I tried the red/white/blue for a while but it was distracting and cheesy (to me), besides, the green (almost) matches the radio/hvac/etc. lights......

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On my 2011 I've had "Ice Blue" for halo, gauges and cabin since I bought it. The other night I decided to try something different (I used to change the color monthly on my 2006 GT).

Well, after trying just about every color/halo combination I could stomach, I went back to the "Ice Blue". It seems to be the only color that isn't distracting or throwing a big glare on the windshield. Possibly too many choices is a bad thing? :confused:

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