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  1. 1. What color inserts would look better

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I had to make the very same decission you did......went with Blue and I am VERY happy.


One word of caution, I first did the seats only.......then ordered the Console & Shifter covers (all black with blue stitching).......all matched 100%........latter ordered the steering wheel in all black with perforated leather at 3 & 9 and blue stitching......the blue stitches did not match, it was re-done and it is very close now, but not 100%. So, if you are going to do it all, do it all at once.

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I say blue inserts and silver stitch. I think that would set everything off nicely.


Also, i would bet he could almost match your color. Gary actually calls after the order is made and helps get everything exactly the way you want it. Just remember that if you set a special color that you may want to get any and everything you want at once to make sure it matches better.

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Fo rthe Shelby seat upgarde, you have to bring it to a Shelby approved installer.....the installer returns teh original seat covers to Shelby......in my case, they placed them in the trunk and I have both.




The original seat covers and foam are yours to keep. Shelby does not take them.

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If you are interested in doing the interior package upgrade, please give me a call at -949 636 2555 or email at gkdisney@cox.net.

I can work with you in any way to get a color combo you want. I unfortunately don't get a lot of time to follow the forums so its best to call and I will get you started.


Also, I want to thank all of you for the great comments.


Gary Disney

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