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NY, NJ & RI should be a little SAFER now..........

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Actually.............just the opposite. :shades:



Some new group will move in and they might not care who gets caught in the crossfire.

As the Italian mafia was arrested in Quebec the Angles moved in and were not strong enough to take over. Other groups stared fighting with the Angles and innocent people got caught in the crossfire.


Better the devil you know.

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Hey not funny those were my peeps ! :hysterical: !! I always discussed italian with other guys a lot guys are wanna be's you have to laugh at them. You never really see anyother Mob in the paper. They wack each other over who has better shoes. I will tell you guys this and you can believe me or not even in NYPD I use to get into brawls with Italian supervisor over them not liking me. Because I was funnier than them had more time on the job than them and had more posession than them. I can't tell you how many time a new italian sgt or LT would act like my buddy. Then to find out that he would bad mouth me at the supervisors meetings but they are so dumb just about every other supervisor were trained by me. So after the meeting I would confront the dick and tell him off. I would tell any other italian supervisor that rolled through I don't work or drive any wanna be's. It's sad but true The irish cops always till today take care of their own. This goes for all types of jobs also its sad not to be able to trust your own. Even my neighbor who came from italy and he heard of stories like this from other italians. I also love when you hear DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM !!!! You have to just laugh at those clowns :hysterical:

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