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BS/offset question for 20x12 rears


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I really like the look of the f14 wheels, but I would really like to run some 335s out back. I noticed you can get them in almost any offset/back spacing, so I was wondering what the perfect set up would be for a 20x12 f14 and 335s.

I don't have a problem cutting the shock sleeve or removing the bumbp stop/body mounting bracket, but it doesn't look like anyone has tried this combo yet. I would think the SS wheels would be a ~61mm offset after widening to 20x12, but I wasn't sure if any differences in hub thickness/etc between manufacturers would play games with me just ordering that offset.

My car will also have some lowering springs on it at the time, but I'm not looking to slam it or anything. I really have my heart set on this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!!

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