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new gt500 emblem wings

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robert and sharon, i think the vendor shelby is using for the new gt 500 emblem wings should check the fit on a snake emblem before sending to shelbly or the customer it seems like it should be a simply cut to fit on the snake mine are so off they really look like wings flying ( the shelby peice is facing up towards top of fender,and the 500 peice towards wheel well) i tried many times before i made this post to make sure i was doing it correct, it can be installed without the templates which are no use when the peices are cut incorrectly , 3 of the 4 peices cut are cut at least 1/8 off

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This forum is closed for redundancy . We do not need three different forums talking about the same issue/subject.


Please post/transfer your issues and comments into the exsisting forums that are linked in post 4 above.


Thank you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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