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Spec twin plate problems


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Hey Guys,

Has anyone experienced any problems with the install of a spec twinplate? (Spec SS-Trim Twin Disc Clutch Kit and Flywheel (SFG5SST)


I am having one put in by the local mustang folks here in Sydney and they are really struggling. First the centre bearing in the flywheel was apparently the wrong size, but the bigger issue is they cannot get the new clutch to disengage now that it is in.


They say that they had to put the clutch plates in back to front to get it to slide onto the input shaft, which sounds very weird to me. It was lableled one side FW, for flywheel, but not anymore. Anyone know how to ID by eye which side goes to the flywheel? Also, anyone else had any problems with getting these installed? The mechs putting together swear the clutch is fully bled.


Any suggestions?

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