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2011 Rear Black Out Panel


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Does anyone know where I can find a rear blackout panel for a 2011 Mustang that has the horizontal lines like the CDC black out panel but also has the hole to keep the faux fuel door / running pony tail emblem?


I am considering changing my lower valance to the 2011 GT rear valance that has the horizontal lines below and feel the panel with horizontal lines on the panel would go well together but I also don't want to lose the Mustang pony emblem.


I like the SHR honey comb panel that will be coming out soon that matches my stock grille but I also love the GT lower valance and think a panel with horizontal lines may look better than the honeycomb against the GT rear valance.


I have a black car so I am not interested in the magnetic style black out panel. I want some texture because black on black is not too visible as it is.


Thanks a bunch.

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See Helaina's build thread above in the Mackenzie section, (under the vendor section). That is the only one I've seen like you mention, and that came in the appearance package from Ford, so should be available. I haven't seen one in the aftermarket like that yet.

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