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Birthday approaching-CAI on the mind


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got about 5 weeks till my birthday and am thinking about finally making some upgrades. The Shelby will turn 5 this August and I'll still have 2 years left on the original/extended warranty. Thus, I'm thinking of going with the M-9603-SVT07 CAI from Fort Performance Parts.


I've found a site that has them for less than $700 w/ free shipping: http://www.blueovalindustries.com/engine/coldairkits/en6300.html but wanted to see what other people thought about their product vs. the others on the market. It also comes with the Pro Cal II and not the original.


My concerns are:


1) maintaining the remainder of my warranty (and I plan on having it installed at the dealership to keep warranty if possible);

2) cost

3) performance for said cost


Has anyone here gotten the FPP CAI and returned/exchanged it for another...and why?


Just looking at getting some feedback to help me make the decision.



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I am very happy with my CAI from FRPP and my SCT tuner with a tune by Justin at VMP Tuning in Florida. Justin is one of the best GT500 tuners a round , if not the best, bar none. I've since moved on to more up-grades, VMP 2.59 pulley, 66mm TB,, Twin fan HE, and a dynotune by Justine = 562 RWHP.

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I too had your concerns and went a similar route. Call Steve at Tousley Ford in MN (800-328-9552), mention 'Team Shelby Forum', and order CAI part no M-9603-M54SC which is the intake without the ProCal device. Price will be around $300. Then contact Justin at VMP and order the SCT tuner with his tune for your specific setup. Justin is one of the very best.


If you perform further upgrades from VMP he can send you updated tunes for your particular setup.


I thought this route was all around more bang for buck.


Bob W

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The full kit you mentioned includes the SVT-1 Axlebacks, which aren't much louder than stock. I ordered the FRPP Cai and Pro-Cal kit only and had it installed at the dealer after 1 week of owner-ship. I also substituted the KR Axlebacks and like them. The power gain and increased throttle response is noticeable. The Kit was about $ 600 + Axlebacks we're $ 525.00, all Ford, no warranty issues. My car is new so I wanted to start slow...

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