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Shelby changes I would make/more options


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What I read so far and what I was told is available for options on the 07.

As a automaker here are some of the changes I would make

Any suggestions you would do please add!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. On convt. please add a roll bar ( like in 68-70)

2. have an option for 3-styles of wheels

3.more color options for interior- maybe 5

4. rear gear options give us 3.

5. maybe a Race Pack( crank windows etc.. lighter weight version no thrills)

6. On Convt. add if wanted a stripe option

7. Add a Retro Package- consist of retro- side scoops-front rear spoiler/hood/inboard lights

The inboards light could actually be dummy lights not functional( cool looking)

8. Motor Race pack- lightweight everything under the hood adding 100HP


I,am sure adding all these options would slowwww production but are we paying for it or not!

Look at sorry ass Pontiac with that so called GTO. I was at Detroit in 04 when they unveiled this

sorry P.O.S. so at this time the ONLY company that could see day light was Ford!!!

THEY LISTEN.....WE BUY......It shouldn't have to be so Simple but it is............

My 07 Shelby soon to come.........BiilyRay Phx, az

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Welcome, BillyRay.

It would be great even if Ford Racing offered these as at-dealer options (like Scion) to upsell the car (you want fries with that?). What I would like for '08 options:


Twin screw blower option;

More color selections (they are on the way);

More interior options:

1) Gray seat insert option

2) Leather delete option

More Wheel options;

Roll Bar option for convertible;

Race harness option;

Lightweight option (could include front end & wheels);

Drag-Pac option;

More convertible top color options (could come true)


My 2 cents

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