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Shelby Custom Car Cover


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No pics readily available, however this cover is the finest I've ever personally owned. My wife was stunned at the quality as well.


The cover itself is rather heavy in weight, very soft cotton or similar on the inside. Externally the fabric is almost like silk. Very soft, very beautiful.


As mentioned fit is fantastic. With the KR just waxed, the cover will barely even stay put on the car as you cover it. The silky aspect of this cover lets it slide around a fair bit. I've found starting at the windshield, place the "cover ears" for the side mirrors over the mirrors, which will then help hold the cover in place. After that, the rest is easy.


We ordered ours in dark blue with black stripes. Stunning.


Do not hesitate to purchase this cover, it is really quite lovely.


Cheers and happy holidays for you and your family,



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Thanks you too and yeah sold my Noah mustang one on eBay so monday will be ordering that and the revan racing c/r heat exchanger just wish it wouldn't take so long to get I bought a $60 cover to put on till I get this one, then my dad is going to use it. Hope this cheap one don't hurt her lol

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