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Oldies radio on the Internet

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This is really off topic.


I listen to Oldies radio on the internet at work. It's either lab and fan noise or radio. So radio wins.


I like 60s and 70s oldies.


I used to listen to the real KOOL (in Phoenix) but since they changed to their new CBS radio reflector it's mostly commercials (even more than on the real radio) and they cut it off after some randomly short interval. They claim they need to be sure that someone is listening because royalties are based on headcount. I'm sure they'd do that on the real radio too if they could.


The other one I like is the local Denver KRZN, but they also blank out to dead silence for sometimes 10 minutes at a time.


KXKL Denver (another local, also called KOOL-105) has the commercial and blinkout problem too.


The best one so far is KKLZ in Vegas. Very few commercials (except for the ones actually broadcast), and no timeouts. My problem with them is they have a very short play list (all good tunes, but repetitive).


Any other recommendations?

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I just listen to AOL Music online if I really am in the mood for something different. They have a ton of different channels and the sound quality is excellent. Look under the decades section for the 60's and 70's station. They do have a couple commercials now and then.



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