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Please join me in wishing "8675309" a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. For those of you who may not be aware of who "8675309" is, it's Jenni who is in charge of Carroll's foundation. Jenni, as well as the members of her great staff, are the folks that get Carroll's autograph on the items that owners/TS members send in to the foundation for a signature.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNI, and many thanks for all you do for us and the foundation!!!



Oh, just in case anyone was wondering why Jenni has "8675309" as her TS user name, just think about the song from Tommy Tutone...




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Happy Happy, Jenni!!


You and your team handled my window sticker above and beyond my expectations! I dropped a camera in the box with the sticker, and you saw to it that two wonderful shots of Carroll signing it were attached...for that I am VERY grateful.


Moreover, the work you guys do along with Carroll's generousity, is soooo important. Keep up the great work! Enjoy your day and evening out!



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