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Shelby Performance Parts: Sale from 15-23 December 2010


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Should be in the end of January



I've got Kenny at Quantum doing some more upgrades for me and when he inquired 2 weeks ago he was told Dec. 20th so has that changed or is the date for his order still good?

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When will the Fender emblems that are on page 33 of the catolog be available ?



Had to touch screen to see if that bug was on it.. lol

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Trying to place another small order. I guess the computer is smarter than I am. all I get is this::banghead:


I will call in the morning and do it the old fashioned way.



Invalid input. Please press your browser's back button and re-attempt your submission.

Please double-check that the characters you entered are normal A-Z or 0-9 alphanumeric letters or numbers. If you are using any special symbols in your submission, please remove them, and then re-submit your request.


Example of special characters would be the following: !@#$%^&*-(),+={}?:"


If you continue to experience problems, please contact customer service with the following information:

Time of error: 12/20/2010 8:27:28 PM CST

Field Name: shipfaxnumber

Web Page: /one-page-checkout.asp

Website: www.shelbystore.com

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What is that cool item?



I ordered the center consol full leather lid. It's not a cover. It's leather and has the logo stitched in it. The guy who makes the Shelby interiors is making it for me. His name is Gary Disney. Mine is being made with Orange thread on the logo and seams. It will look just like this red one and match my same headrests.





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