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Hi, thought I would stop in and introduce myself. I am not new to Shelbys, I have one but am thinking of getting another one.


Here's my story: I did the Cobra inspections for Gary and Gary for three and one-half years. Down to Tijuana about sixty times over that time period and signed-off on about eighty cars. I consider it an honor to have learned so much about Cobras from those two excellent gentlemen - and to have worked with them. It was one of my better life experiences. Also inspected some of the Hi-Tech Cobras at Lance's facility in Irvine. Also picked up some good experience communicating to hopeful owners - especially in the beginning. I realize only a small number on this board are into the Cobras, but some of those guys might recognize me as the "update" guy on the progress of those cars on the old Shelby2 forum.


So, why come here?


Well, I have a modded Lightning as my DD. It is pushed to the limit of what a stock block should take and is reasonably quick - embarrasses most cars. But, that is never enough. I am going to do one of two things. Either plunk down the money for a built motor. The Lightning needs stronger rods to take more boost. But basically the same formula to make these modular motors go fast - bigger blower, more boost, etc. Or, bite the bullet and get a used GT500 for my DD. So, the last few weeks I have been on this board and elsewhere looking at 2007 and 2008s. Some pretty good deals it seems.


I like the idea that the GT500 motor has maybe more power potential with the four-valve heads and the lighter weight in comparison to the truck. On the other hand, I love having a truck - rather than a car - but then again, I might never look back, and say, why did I wait so long?


Question: any of you guys been in this situation? Where you traded your Lightning for a GT500 with the intent of using it as a DD? Comments? Everyone has a different definition of daily driver. For me, I consider a Lightning with stage 2 or better cams and close to 600 RWHP as an acceptable DD. I would love to add the SS kit to th 500 I might acquire.


Thanks for letting me introduce myself and if anyone has any advice, I'll take it.


Here's my other Shelby.


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