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my new pirelli 335's


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Well.. had my stock wheels widened to 11 3/4" and installed 335 30 18 pirelli street tires. Looks mean.... Now for my 410 gear ! I love it ! Steve




Why did you opt for 11.5" vs 11.75"?


Many of the SuperSnake owners are opting to widen the SS Alocoa's to anywhere from 11.75" to 12.0".






Your setup looks great.



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I read that some people are widening the 20" alcoas to 12" and running into clearance problems so I went to 11 1/2 " on my factory 18"s. I'm glad I did. I had to cut the bump stock bracket off and knew I would have to before the new wheels would fit. Also the dust covers on the shocks would have to come off too. When I went to install the new wheel/tire thr inside lip of the wheel hit the shock body.

I pulled the lower shock away and groud one side o the sleeve that goes in the bushing away and made a spacer to bring the lower shock in about .125.

The wheel JUST barely cleared. Put the wheels on and took it for a test drive. up and down no rubbing but come into a slight grade at an angle and it hit bigtime.

I installed .250 billet spacers and all is good. I have to have a car full of people and really hit a grade just right and it might make the slightest squeek

from the tire rub.on the inside I also read how one brand of tire is larger than another and believe it 100% I have a buddy that has a set of 335 25 22s on 12" rims and His tires measure ONE INCH narrower on both the sidewall and the footprint !! Both 335s! I'm installing moroso wheel studs this weekend for peace of mind.

hooks a little better but they are regular street tires not drag radials. I also Have the ford racing lowering springs on the car. Hope this helps ! Steve

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rear view...............



That looks wicked man...

Hey quick question: I was always told NEVER to jack the rear up from under the pumpkin on these cars... And I assumed it was because its easy to catch the edge of the lip of the cover and damage it. If youre careful, is it safe to lift from the pumpkin?




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