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Flat Spot Prevention on KR


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Does anyone know if there is something out there you can buy that prevents flat spots in the tires for a KR? Like most, my KR sits in the garage ALL the time with only an occassional spin or detail and I know if they sit for long periods, you can get falt spots in the tires. Any sugesstions?



From what I have read about the "flat spot" on a tire, it was a big problem in the early '70's. This was a real issue at one time, but tire manufactures changed the materials in the tires and the design and have virtually eliminated the problem. Perhaps all tires have flat spots after sitting for a few hours, but they quickly round out in a few revolutions and most driver's will never notice. I have been storing my Shelby for the last 4 winters for many cold months at a time. All I ever do is put 5 extra PSI of air in each tire before storing my car and I have never had a problem. Just don't forget to let the air back out when you go to drive it.

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Thanks for the info. I will definately look into getting these.



No problem.


Welcome to Team Shelby and beautiful cars. What I would give to have 1 KR let alone 2!


There is so much info on this website, if you every have any questions at all this is the place to go. Get out and enjoy those beauties!!!!

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I second the motion on increasing the tire air pressure during long periods of storage. Ford recommends it on new vehicles as well.New cars are shipped over inflated because of it and don't recommend them to be set until the car is sold.

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