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Tire Gauge Recommendation


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I've really become stunned at how sensitive the 2011 GT500 with SVTPP's driving characteristics can be to tire pressure variations. Perhaps I'm merely becoming more attuned, but the tangible difference in ride quality and feedback through the steering wheel of even as little as 1-2 psi inflation is surprising.


I'd like to buy a first-rate tire gauge. Of course, every NAPA or Autozone has a dozen to choose from, but it's difficult to know whether or not any particular gauge is inherently more accurate or consistent than any other in a world where the items on shelves are often determined by the margin a merchandising buyer is offered rather than the overall quality.


I certainly don't require anything with a Flux Capacitor, but I'm certainly not averse to spending $60-$70 if it means owning a well-made gauge that's fundamentally bulletproof. Fancy doesn't matter to me. Accuracy does.


I'd appreciate any specific recommendations anybody would like to make.



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