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AED new dyno tune and numbers 12-10-2010


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i Wanted to give another big thumbs up to Shaun at AED today. he spent all day open to close tunning Marks 2011 5.0 GT and my 2008 GT500. he got both cars dailed in perfect. Marks 5.0 is amazing with just spending the proper time fine tunning every aspect of these new 5.0 computers. theres so many great things to make these cars make power an 100% safely.


for my 2008 GT500 i added 80lb injectors, 123mm Cobra jet MAF, VMP 2.59 pulley an Kenny bell Dual BAP. heres what it made on the retune on CA 91 octane.(getting setup to run E85)

heres the dyno run









for Marks 5.0 it was all day of fine tunning, an making more power across the whole RPM range an also making higher peak power. (last time mark made 420HP/402TQ)

this time the power is so much better all the way through every gear.


heres marks dyno run






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I'd love those sort of numbers. My car ran just under 400RWHP on a local dyno here in the UK, I have the K&N CAI, Powerflow exhausts and some other non engine mods. I was quite upset to be honest. I think it should have been 420-440 from what I have read. The thing was they kept hitting the limiter before it could make max power. It was climbing steady and just cut when it go to the speed limiter. Yours did a heck of alot more revs than mine.


I have bought the VMP tune and pulley set so hopefully things will improve. Currently my butt tells me its a freight train but we all like numbers to back up the feeling.


Cheers. Peter

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