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Wiring Harness Connectors for Trunk Sub


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In typical Ford engineering fashion, 2011 Mustang has 20-some unique Body Floor Wiring Harnesses rather than a single, all-encompassing universal harness.


(Note to Ford: Is it REALLY worth saving $5 per vehicle rather giving owners a robust, open architecture to leverage for themselves, let alone the additional infrastructure and overhead required to support so many component variants for a single vehicle?)


Does anybody know whether or not GT500's with the Electronics Package (Navigation) include the electrical connectors that would otherwise power the subwoofer in vehicles without the Electronics Package (which could include the Shaker 1000 factory option)?


I realize I could just source power from an open fuse, but if the existing infrastructure is already present (at least from a power perspective), the entire task of upgrading would be SO much easier.



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