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2012 Cobra Jet revealed at PRI


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They "released" the 2012 Cobra Jet at PRI this week. http://www.stangtv.com/features/pri-coverage/2012-cobra-jet-officially-released-today-details-inside/


Side note: I am a firm believer that the TVS unit will be standard in the street 2012 GT500 based upon a very credible tip from someone in the know.


A couple things caught my eye in the announcement.


"and the engine will have different specifications from the 2008/2010 model. The engine now has a double-keyed crankshaft snout, Manley H-Beams, and improved low-drag racing brakes from Strange Engineering."


The 5.4 is now dead in every Ford platform but the Mustang, so we are talking about a very low volume production motor. IMOP, if the Cobra Jet is now getting Manley H-beam rods, my gut says that so is the street GT500. The previous years Cobra Jet's shared the street GT500's long block, correct?


Why make the change and add real forged rods to the motor, if you are not planning on running the TVS stock and cranking up the boost.


I rest my case... and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

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They already released pricing for the 2012 GT-500 the seats are the only change. HP and price did not move. I would say ford will wait on the TVS for 2013. As for the rods, Ford racing offers a engine with the H-Beams no reason to think this would be in the production car. Maybe the 2013 but from what I have looked at the 2012 is unchanged for the most part.

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The Ford release spec sheet that I have seen only stated "5.4L supercharged 4V".


The HP and TQ ratings are asterisked and listed as "Preliminary" in the Ford 2012 GT500 Order Guide.


I would expect the final numbers to be released at the Auto shows this winter.



We shall see.....

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