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R Model GT350


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No super charger, full Griggs set up, rear seat and muffler delete, biggest brakes that will fit, add some side scoops to cool the brakes and move a few things around for better weight balance.


Keep the total price (car and package) under 6 figures.


If everything turns out okay with 7076..................yes, I'd order one.

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Griggs GR40RT, the Griggs/Sierra Brakes (lighter weight and they STOP..I know I have them), 315 kit, N/A, Race Seats, 8pt cage, quick release steering wheel, fuel cell and fire extinguishing system (engine and cockpit).


heh..just realized that I almost described my GT500.

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I would expect it to be just like a newer version of a FR500 car (with the 5.0 of course), only with SHELBY on the rear of it. :D



Edit: I would like to add this,


No interior, no carpet, no airbags, no sound deadening , no mufflers, Race seats, Cage, no heat, no ac, no radio, no power windows and locks. If it doesn't shave weight or make the car faster it doesn't need it.

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