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GT500 TSB's


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Hey guys,

I recently purchased a 2007 Gt500. It was completely stock with 800 miles...

-My first question is where can I find and print out the TSB's for the car? I am aware of the Clutch TSB and would like to have this corrected in the Spring.

I have already took the car to the local Ford dealer in Brownsburg, IN and they had not a clue what I was talking about, so i figure if I was prepared with the paper work it would make things simplified.

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My second question is about Ford declining my car for the Clutch TSB because of my mods?

I have the JLT pulley package on the car

-2.6 Pulley

-Idler pulley

-JLT cold air

-SCT tune

-JLT oil separator

-Cherry Bomb Axle back exhaust


Im assuming some dealers would say "Sorry but your mods void your warranty and TSB"

What do I need to do to get the work done?

Im sure I can be the only person that has ran into this problem?

Do dealers still do the TSB to modded Gt500's?

The car now has 1700 miles and still looks and smells new...

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These are just my thoughts on this.


The manufacturer will always try to get out of a warrantee claim, but I have seen it said that they cannot refuse a warrantee claim on a modified car if the modified part did not cause the failure (my guess is that they can say the increased power produced by your mods could have caused the fault.)


Then the obvious question here is whether or not you need the TSB done, does your clutch show signs of failure? If not they won't do it for no reason, The dealer will have to prove to Ford the repair was needed. I do believe they can refuse the payment (ford to the dealer) if the parts are not shown to have a fault.


Also, the dealer will always want to do warrantee work as its bread and butter business for their service department but they have to get it past Ford to get paid for it.


Again, my thoughts on this and could easily be right as well as wrong.


Enjoy the car, they are a blast. peter

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My clutch failed after 16,000 miles .(2007 GT500).I was told by my Dearlership that the Clutch warranty is only 12Months or 12000 miles which ever comes first.Had to write a letter to the President of the Dealership to plead my case...they met me me 1/2 way on the price for the Clutch TSB out of a " good will " fund..Car now has 23,000 miles on it..no issues with the new clutch set up yet...



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If you are not having any problems yet , believe me you will if the clutch is original. You can check back in the posts for the TSB or maybe Grabber will chime in he can answer any questions you would have. Your car is now 3 years old & will not be covered. I would suggest you find a dealer that has done the clutch TSB , sounds like the one you are dealing with haven`t done one yet.

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Were you with-in the 3yr period?



I have a 2008 GT500 (purchased 4/2008) Shelby GT500 that had the 2008 TSB work completed in 5/2009. In November 2010 my clutch started slipping, and I took it in to Ourisman Ford in Alexandria, VA (not my regular dealer as I am from AZ). They initially told me they could not replace because it was a "wear" item, but I convinced them to call Ford since it had less than 20,000 miles since the original work. Ford authorized replacement of the clutch under warranty. I suppose it depends on the dealer in question, but once the dealer called Ford, it was handled. I did have to persuade them to call Ford because they were not going to initially.

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