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2011 SVT Superfest - SAAC-36 -- May 27-29, 2011 -- Virginia International Raceway


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The SVT Cobra Mustang Club, Shelby American Automobile Club, and SVT Owner’s Association announce their “2011 SVT Superfest – SAAC-36” event to be held at the world class facility of Virginia International Raceway on Memorial Day weekend, May 27-29, 2011. This three day event will consist of a Saturday and Sunday car show (judged and popular vote), event banquets, three days of on track, a Historic Shelby- Mustang, and Ford Exhibition Race, and a Friday night “meet and greet.” Participants will get to see some of the hottest Fords on the east coast including Shelby Mustangs, SVT Mustang Cobras, Boss Mustangs, GT 40's, and other high performance Fords.


Virginia International Raceway is located in the rolling hills of south central Virginia just outside of Danville. The track portion of the event will be held on the “Grand Course” which is 4.2 miles of high speed straights with inclining/declining turns. This is the longest configuration available at this track to date.


Read more here: http://www.svtcobraclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18154

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I was at the event in 08 and VIR is the best facility and road track I have had the pleasure to leave rubber on. I plan on attending and have already added it to my calender.

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I don't know how you pulled this one off, it should be a fantastic event. You guy's always put together a top notch weekend at VIR. Now on the schedule.....



Thanks I appreciate the kudos Carl!


As a side note: We have three clubs involved in this event so I would venture to say that this will be the largest Shelby, SVT, Mustang, and Ford On track/car show event on the east coast.


SAAC fills their events, SVT Cobra Club/SVTOA filled their event this year, it's going to be a blast! The Boss reunion will not be held this year in conjunction with this event as they will be joining the SE MI Mustang Club at the Ford World HQ in August. The final decision was made this past week and we hope that maybe next year they'll be a part of the Superfest.


Lee Holman of Holman/Moody will be at this event and will be at the SCMC/SVTOA dinner banquet as our guest speaker. SAACs banquet will be off site while SCMC/SVTOA will be on site. We also look to have magazine coverage for this event, after all, it's not every year we have this kind of event going on, right?

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I'll be there, should be going on Wednesday since i'm helping with tech and setting up on Thursday. Cruisin down the highway for 10 hours with other shelbys sounds awesome. Count me in. If we cant all go there at the same time, we could cruise back together on monday. Heres a video of an 08 GT at VIR's grand course which we will be using. The track schedule will be 3 sessions a day that are 30 minutes each. The club you register with will decide on the class you will be running in based on previous track events and driving schools.

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Catch a ride in a new Boss 302 at the 2011 SVT Superfest/SAAC 36 event



Catch a ride in a 2012 Boss 302!


Hear the thunder, feel the power, experience the g force as you get to ride in a 2012 Boss 302 Mustang. Hold on to dear life as some of Ford's engineers take you around the track for an all out adrenaline rush.


Ford Motor Company will be bringing 2 to 3 new Boss 302 Mustangs to the 2011 SVT Superfest/SAAC 36 event and you'll be able to ride in one over the weekend. Also scheduled to be in attendance in a 2012 Shelby Mustang so if the Boss isn't enough for you, maybe the Shelby will be?


Like last year, we are asking for a small donation for one of Ford's charities, the Susan G Komen Foundation. All monetary donations over the weekend will be donated to this charity.


Catch a ride, give a little, and help find a cure for breast cancer. It's a win, win, win situation for everyone!

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