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I am new to the GT500 and I know alot of people buy the FR3 packs. However I just bought the car and dont have that kinda coin right now.


I was considering a couple option though . Here is the thing the car already has the Eibach sportlines. It has a very nice aggressive look but its too low and it bottoms out over bumps, since it still has the factory shocks.


It is crucial for me to do something right away as in my weekend trip to GA about 650 miles each way I rubbed (chipped) paint from the fender lips from all the bouncing and rubbing. ARGGGGG... now I gotta touch that up before it chips to where you can see it. :banghead:



1. Tokico D-Specs so I can adjust the compression and keep the Sportlines


2. Buy the KR shocks and FRPP springs.


3. Eibach Coil over set up since there is a pretty good sale on them on the Shelby site.


4. Throw on the stock springs...although I think I might have blown a rear shock its sagging quite a bit on one side now.


All of these options I will be adding a Adj Pan bar to center the rear.


Also should i buy the top 2011 strut mounts with the better rubber?


And will I need any special tools to install any of my new setups?


Thanks in advance for your help...

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The D spec "may" help your ride harshness issue, but wont change the ride height issues. The stock shocks on a lowered car are a problem.


I have the FRPP kit and love it. It diffently changes the presonality of the car, rides great, lowered but not so low and handling is much improved, you just need sticker tires to fined out how much.


Here is mine with the Frpp kit post-19727-068235500 1291306694_thumb.jpg

post-19727-068235500 1291306694_thumb.jpg

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