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Rear Seat Delete Kit

Bill Hamilton

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Anybody know of a good back seat delete kit?


My rear seat does not get used nor could I fit anybody back there if I wanted as I keep the seats pretty far back for my driving comfort anyway. I had one in my 2003 Mach 1 and thought it was cheaply made and would like to do better for my Shelby. This is the only type I've found and not really sure if thats the type I want or not:





Thanks in advance. :salute:

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....or wait 'till the Boss comes out. Maybe Ford will have a retro-fit kit for sale, especially with the X-brace.



Unless you're going to use the seat removal to create extra usable space, I'd absolutely agree that adding the X-brace (which will undoubtedly be obtainable, either on a parts basis or as a racing accessory item) would at least make useful benefit of the weight saving. It would also be consistent with the kind of improvement to the vehicle's handling one who'd pursue weight savings so aggressively would be likely to make.


Depending upon the color of any interior contrast striping, you could opt for a rear seat delete cover that would match the color of the carpet and interior plastic trim and paint the X-brace the color of the contrast stripe (red or white) for effect.


The only potential collateral effect that comes to mind would be that you risk losing a convenient implementation of the trunk pass-through feature. I'm not suggesting it's the reason anybody buys a GT500, but after being robbed of $20 worth of heated seats and $30 of a passenger seat motor, every other convenience becomes even harder (for me at least) to give up willingly whether I use it or not.


P.S. Adding the x-brace will also give you a host of convenient, stable, mounting locations for a video camera if you so choose.

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