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SPP Parts Collectibility


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The future market prices on our Shelby cars have been widely discussed on the Team Shelby Forum. But which Shelby Performance Parts will skyrocket in cost when discontinued ?? Just an opinion here, but here is my Top Ten list of SPP parts that will rise in cost and demand when no longer available:


1) Shelby Gauge Set (multiple year and model application) both Super Charged and Non Super Charged sets.

2) KR Hoods

3) Super Snake hoods

4) CS6-8 "Hertz Hoods"

5) Alcoa Wheels

6) Brake duct and fog light kit SGT, GT-H

7) Shelby engine cap sets, all makes / models

8) Shelby Valve covers

9) Shelby Oil Pans

10) "Hertz" GT-H fender emblems

Added: "1966-2006 40th Anniversary GT-H badges"

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I agree but only on the items that are branded and that are able to be seen, if they change the shape of the car or the interior then they will make more of an inpact, if its a stock item that is needed for accidents or looks then after market companys will pick up an alternative .... just my .02

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I don't think you can gey new HERTZ fender badging anymore. At leat not the 2006 versionsw with the pins.


Add the 40th "1966-2006" Annisersary emblems gor the GT-H

Most likley all special badging for all models



I added the Anniversary badges to the list, those are already gone, and other parts are soon to follow.

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The Shelby GT brake duct kits are already unavailable, and have been for some time.


I was thinking maybe the lower Shelby GT grille could be added to the list....but then again, I imagine that someone will always make one or one similar enough to it that it won't matter.

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