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Received New Catalog


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Went to the mailbox a few minutes ago and new catalog was there Just starting to look thru it,.



I got mine last week.


All three of them!


Apparently, their data base recognizes me as three different people because of the spelling of my name. The three I got were addressed to:


Phillip Roy Pollard

Phillip Pollard

Phillip pollard


Yep, one with a lower case P in Pollard and one with a Cap. in Pollard...and then another with my middle name in it.


I'm hoping someone at Shelby sees this and gets it straightened out, for THEIR sake (it cost them 3x as much).


Hey, personally *I'm* FINE with getting 3 catalogs. I keep one in the bathroom, one in my computer room and one in my garage! I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin'........




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My wife got her catalog today! I asked her why she got one and I didn't. She said she ordered me one of the model cars there last year. I said great, that's nice - I spend thousands there and she gets the catalog. Oh well!




Received two for me today! Thanks Roger. I'll remember your birthday next year.

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