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Good salvage yard in the Houston area?


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I live in the Houston area and am looking for a local salvage yard that might carry some 2008-2009 Mustangs, specifically one with the ambient light packager. I would like to install the lights and console in my '07 GT500.


I'm also thinking about another project, which is to cover all the plastic interior tram panels with leather. Rather than take my own car off the road for a week while it's having its interior redone, I thought I'd pick up a used set of panels, bring them to an auto upolstery shop and then do the install myself.


Thought I might also go the salvage yard route to pick up the V6/KR spoiler, '11 driver and passenger side mirrors, and perhaps even a Ford navigation unit, if these are available at a good price.


Anybody know of a good palce to check? I tried .LKQ Self-Serve Auto Parts, but they didn't have any Mustangs newer than '96.



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