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Glad it wasn't something more serious...

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Yesterday was a beautiful day here in sunny Florida so I decided to take the SGT to work. (About a 35 mile, back road commute) Naturally, on the way, I opened her up a couple of times as the cool air was making the engine sing. I finally settled in at 80 mph about a quarter mile back from another car that was running the same speed. The stereo was on, but during a pause between songs, I heard a strange chirping noise. It sounded just like a bearing in the early stages of failing - a random "squeak" here and there. I dropped out of cruise and pushed the clutch in to coast. The RPM dropped to idle, but the chirping noise stayed the same. Hmmm, perhaps it was just the suspension. I resumed my journey and went on to work. That afternoon on the way home, no noise, maybe it was the cooler temps?


Today I was cleaning the car up to go to a cruise later. I wiped down the engine and as I closed the hood I heard that exact same chirp! As it turns out, the hood pin, (the one that pierces the hood), had shifted and was rubbing the plate on the hood! With the cooler temps, the tolerances changed just enought to cause a metal-on-metal contact and start the chirping when the hood flexed at speed!


Whew, sometimes I wish I wasn't so paranoid! All I could see was dollar signs for some expensive part! A couple of taps with a rubber mallet and the problem was solved!



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About a week after I picked up my Shelby from SAI I made an appointment with the Ford dealer because of a chirping sound when I went over bumps. It was reminding me of my old 67 Shelby (it rattled and had noises coming out of everywhere) I know cars start to rattle with a little age but this was ridiculous!

When I picked up the car from the dealer the mechanic told me he found the chirping noise. It was my garage door opener in the visor! The opener had a cheap clip that rattled every time I drove over a bump in the road. I felt like a jackass but I was glad that it wasn't the car.

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