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HydroCarbon Complete


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Got my parts via Jay @ JLT. Have worked with him for years since the GT500 revolution. Never an issue wrt customer service and always goes the distance. On Veterans Day, i drove over to his shop since parts were in (fast to), and we did the swap out. He took some vid as well...you've probably seen it in his Vendor area. Changing the parts was pretty effortless. The radio bezel has like some 18 screws in the back you have to loosen in order to move the controls over to the new piece. No biggy...The hood vent was fun, not, that tape strip is tough. But with patience we got it off. The shifter knob is a royal PITA. Had to use a makeshift rubber strap wrench to break it free. I'm not a hugh fan of lots of CF, but this was enough to actually make a diff in appearance. I like how the product is formed to the part for a smooth, clean look and finish. Top notch. Thanks Jay......Enjoy the pics.













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The shifter knob is a royal PITA. Had to use a makeshift rubber strap wrench to break it free.



I'm just a little curious...but why did ya pull the shifter knob off?


As you know from the other thread (MGW shifter alert) I just pulled mine. But what I did was lift the center console top up, unscrew the two bolts that hold the shift lever/shaft onto the shifter and then take the whole assembly off to one side so I could work on it on my bench.


I just unsnapped the shift boot from around the outter perimeter (easy job) which left me with the shift lever and knob in hand, with the boot attached.


In my case, I needed to unscrew the knob to put it on a MGW lever/shaft but in your case you could have just taken the shift shaft/knob/boot from your stock console cover and transfered it onto your HydroCarbon cover.


Which is why I'm curious. Was there a reason that maybe I'm missing?


I'll probably end up putting JLT's "white" HCF console cover and radio bezel on my car. I think it looks SLICK. But I'm not going to do everything in HCF. I want to add some billet into the mix...door vent cover, door lock socket, etc. I wanna 'mix it up' a little.



Nice job,


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STU...... happy feet.gif how the hell are you...you got some esplainin to do..... :finger:



thx..it looks sweet in person..pics really dont do it justice...




Hey buddy... We are doing great, just really busy at work! Do not get out much---travellig a lot. Take care, tell everyone I said hi...

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