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Can you put a 10" wide tire on the front?


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This will depend a lot on the offset and width of the wheel as well as the overall size of the tire (sidewall height). The 07-09 OE GT500 tire (255/45/18) has section width of just over 10" when placed on the OE 9.5" wheel.


I'm pretty sure the section width on the P-Zeros that come on the SupeSnake is over 10" for the front tires.

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One of the big reason the 2011's get such great performance numbers is because of the better traction the Goodyear G2's have. But looking at the sizes for them they only make a 20" tire in a 10" width.

Would there be a problem having 10" wide tires all around?




Here is what I am going to use on the front. It is 10" wide tire if you include the section width (total width). This 275/35 is mounted on a 9" Alcoa Super Snake rim. You "may" be able to get a 285 on the front, but I really think it will touch the strut, and then there is also the large diameter of a 285.........


IMHO, the 275/35 is a perfect size for the 9" Alcoa.






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