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American Shelby Redline wheels


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I'm looking for advice from anyone who's got Redline wheels on their car.


The GT-C I recently bought was equipped at the original dealer with 20" Shelby Redline wheels. In a fit of brainfade, I didn't even notice till a couple weeks ago that the wheels don't have locks on them. Before I go out and spend money on a set of locks, I wanted to make sure that there isn't a reason there aren't locks on it now.


Is there anything special I need to look for when buying wheel locks for these wheels, or will a set of standard McGard locks for an '08 Mustang do the job?


Many thanks,



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Do people still steal rims?


Might be dumb, but I haven't heard of that happening in a long time....


I prefer no locks, but I tend to have trouble finding the keys sometimes lol....


good luck!



Oh, they definitely do - the son of a guy I work with just had the wheels/tires stolen off of his F-150 a couple weeks ago. Remember, we're living in an age where people are actually stealing people's A/C units to sell the copper tubing inside them.


I guess the one saving grace for me might be the fact that no conventional jack will fit underneath my car, so a would-be wheel thief might be challenged.



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