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Insurance on SS?


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Anyone in Ont. Canada have any leads for insurance on their SS?


My broker got me a quote with Hagerty Ins. and at an 80k value my SS will run me $2300 for the year, no reduction for storing the car 6 months of the year.

Is this the best rate I can get or are others paying less.

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Check out Legends they are under written by AXA Pacific. this is collector car coverage.




When I had my car valued at $76,000 during my conversion my premium was about $660/year. the limit on milage is 5000km per year and this assumes you store it in the winter.


I talked to Aviva here in Alberta who will be under writing Hagerty in April when I was looking to renew and they were not set up yet.


PM me if you want further info. i have the car appraised and insured for more now.



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