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New to the Forum..Grabber Blue GT500 Owner PICS


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Wanted to stop in and say hello, its great to be here. Looks as though there are a bunch of good people here. I took ownership of a 2010 Grabber Blue with White Stripes GT500 this past monday and this is my first Shelby. I have always admired the 2007-2009 GT500's, but when the 2010-11's came out with all the interior upgrades and exterior modifications....I just have to have one. My previous mustang was a 2007 GT Roush clone (Grabber Orange). Loved that car....but with bolt ons was only putting out 315 rwhp 325 rwtq. Ran a best of 12.6 @ 109 on drag radials. Dream car has always been a GT500 and had my chance on this one that only had 1300 miles on her. Car is absolutely amazing! The power of this vehicle just blows me away. Was a little disappointed in not being able to hear the supercharger....so my first purchase was the Ford Racing Resonator delete...problem solved :)


Next mods will most likely be lower control arms and pulley/tune. Any suggestions on mods are welcome. I am not too familar with the car, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks again and great to be here. Enjoy some pics







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