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Shelby loses court battle to trademark Cobra shape


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Any bicycling nuts out there?


I sold SPECIALIZED branded bicycles for many years, out of our store in Az.. Mike Sinyard the originator and still the owner of SPECIALIZED has sued many times, other manufacturers, over the design of their (SPECIALIZED's) FSR mountain bike full suspension geometry design. They have it patented and unfortunately the patent laws only work over here in the U.S. It is unique in that it has a "4bar link" pivot on the rear of the frame. It's the only full suspension bicycle frame that pivots all the while keeping the rear axle path completely vertical, so as not to allow any slack in the chain as the rider tackles rough terrain. Thus virtually eliminating any bobbing in the seat, and no 'jerky' motion in the crank while pedalling throughout.


Most of the time Sinyard and his company win the suits, but the issue is that the bikes made and copied in design, by manufacturers overseas, (which they ALL are now), can still be sold overseas and not really be challenged over there by the U.S. patent laws. So is he really winning ? All that ends up happening, is that those copycats stay away from our shores. There has been a couple instances where Mike has allowed the design infringement...(small companies) knowing that their overall take in our industry would not cannibalize SPECIALIZED sales much. Those small companies paid for it handsomely too, believe me. Plus the company must give credit to SPECIALIZED in it's advertisement. The patents are VERY expensive! Protecting them is a whole 'nother story, and cost!! He has spent lots of dough protecting his prized posession, (the company) and the idea, (the frame). Sorry for the rant...not too sure it is pertinent to this topic of discussion, but the thread made me think of it.


All in all, these kinds of issues are MOSTLY...not in Carrolls situation, but mostly problems due to the fact that so many things are made in Asia now. If a Chinese company gets a contract from an American manufacturer to build 'X' at so many quantities, and the factory sees it taking off in sales, they make a few tweaks on the design, (very few, if any), and start making a ton of that 'X' and selling it under a no-name brand themselves!

Hence, my post at the top of the thread here.....This SUCKS! Is nothing sacred anymore?


:salute: BIKEBOY

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