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Best tires for SS?

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Welcome to the forum & congrats on your SuperSnake.


Take the time to utilize the search feature. Your questions will be answered.

The TS website has a wealth of knowledge, both good and ..... well you can read for entertainment purposes.



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What are the best tires for the SS in terms of traction? This would be for the SS rims in stock trim.




Keeping the stock 9's up front and 10's on the rear, and not getting a "too big of a tire for rim width look" I would say a 295 on the rear and a 275 on the front.


Not a Super Snake, but Alcoa's..........Here is an example, the car looks clean and the tires look like they fit the rims properly, not "too big/fat".






This owner chose Nitto Invo's.




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I was leaning towards the Nitto Invo`s, unfortunately when you get an SS built you have to get the Pirellii`s or the car will not be certified by Shelby as an SS.

So the Nitto`s will have to wait for me to wear down the Pirelli`s.




Yes, Pirelli's P Zero's are it from Shelby. I thought you were asking about best tire fit for the 20" Super Snake Alcoa's.



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