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I have called since Thursday of last week trying to get new parts for my SGT that is under warrenty from you all and Ford for 3 years / 36,000 miles. The problem I have is that you all are very busy and don't want to return phone calls. I have since had to purchase the FRPP hood pin set but have noticed several diffences. Fist the laynards are not the same, second the threads are diffent on the bolts and nuts, and third there is no rubber gaskets. I talked to Tim and Nicole and have expressed my deepest displeasure with owning a Shelby GT. The reason for replacing the hood pin set is it is rusting on the bolts and both upper and lower nuts. Please give me a call tomorrow about this. Need to get this resolved by Thursday as I pick up the car on Friday. You will have my number in your email or you can get it from Nicole in Vegas. Thank you.


Allen Prasek

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To obtain warranty/restricted parts for a Shelby GT you MUST get pre-authorization through Ford first. Shelby does not run or control the warranty on the Shelby GT, Ford does. Your issue with the FRPP parts need to be taken care of with them. We are completely different companies. If your car is an 07 the pins can be purchased here: http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/s1ms-16892-ssk.htm

If the car is an 08 the hood pins can be purchased by contacting Wendy at 702-942-7325 ext:144.

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