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TrackMasters @ ThunderHill Nov. 5th


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Hi Everyone.....

Scott and I are planning on attending this event but they need more drivers or it will be cancelled. They are offering a great deal if you can make it. Weather is looking great so far. We haven't paid just yet because if it rains we will not go.


TrackMasters Racing has an exceptional track deal available next Friday, November 5th at Thunderhill Raceway. It's a 3 run group format for $150! This is an incredible deal for 7 sessions of track time at this facility, and even gets better....... If you bring another paying driver, TMR will discount your entry (or theirs) by another $25! The net to you or your friend is a $125 fee for a 3 run group day! This is one of the best deals of the season at this track. Interested? If so, go to the website above, scroll down to the Nov 5th link and 'click' the "Open for Registration" text. All discounts will be handled at the track the day of the event or listed as a credit towards a future event. Feel free to share this with all drivers you think may be interested in some very serious and affordable track time! Thanks for your participation and support! Doug Gale TrackMasters Racing


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Wish it was a weekend, too hard for me to get time off this close to the holidays.



Not sure why they would do this on a week day. You would think they would get a better turnout for the weekend and the weather looks great for Saturday, Friday seems to still be up in the air.

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Sure was a fun day, weather was perfect! Scott and I were able to split the day which was cool.

There was one rollover, some idiot in an older BMW decided he was going to try drifting and ended up in the dirt.... :doh:


Our 240Z with a small block 350 race motor.



Now that is a serious face..... :shift:








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