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AZ Mustang Cruise


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This years fall run will be November 13th. So far the plan is to head over Mingus Mountain, then eat lunch at the Red Robin in Prescott, then take the rest of the 89a back. We will be meeting up for breakfast at the dennys on Bell Rd. just west of the 17. If you want to eat at dennys be there at 8am, if you dont want to eat be there at 9am.

To check out our past mustang cruises check out some pics here. http://www.highperformancestangs.com/forums/showthread.php/12590-Fall-run


Hope to see some members there!

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Ok if anyone is interested in meeting up the new meeting location is going to be the costco on the 101 and cave creek at 7:30-8:00am. It is just south of the 101 freeway on the east side of cave creek rd. So far we have about 10 mustangs going and this is going to be a fantastic photo opportunity as well. We will be going up through payson and going to their small lake which provides a beautiful photo for the mustangs. then into strawberry, pine, and into prescott. We will also be going through Mingus mountains, and you arizona folks no that those are some of the funnest roads in the state.


So that is plan and the new meeting spot.

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