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I got them put on yesterday drilled and slotted and they look great. I have to drop my car back off today im getting the gauges installed for my SC but when I get home I have to show you all the pics of the rotors and gauges. I was very impressed with the rotors and what a great price. I got front and rear with ceramic pads for a lil less then $300. I hope you all dont all the threads im still getting use to my ride here..lol.. Hey if anyone needs diet or workout advice let me know I can help you there. I got nationals coming up next year and got a good shot I think of getting top 3.


Here is a pic so you all belive me and dont think im some skinny guy lieing. Im blacking my face out though I dont want to end up on gay bodybuilders on stage or some crap on the net..lol So like I said any diet advice or anything hit me up i can help free of charge for the help you guys give me. I feel like I owe you guys for all the help.

post-30271-069873800 1287831860_thumb.jpg

post-30271-069873800 1287831860_thumb.jpg

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