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Is E-Bay Drying up?


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The amount of Shelby’s listed with E-Bay has fallen to 15 cars. Are buyers hard to find or the car just not selling anymore? One dealer boast have 11 in his show room…… :hysterical2:



my guess is most dealers don't want to hold onto them for long after they have to start paying interest on them when the freebee loan time ends, so they sell them for whatever they can get. which most likely is less than what they set as there asking price. that dealer with 11 of them has placed a real risky bet, buying that many cars from other dealers at their ADM and then try to resell at their higher yet ADM. time is running out. i know of a few dealers doing this, [one in Vestal, ny.] i just don't think they can afford to buy enough of them to artificially keep the price that high for ever. my 2 cents

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