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Dyno vid of the Lethal Performance 2010 GT500 on 27psi


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5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine Cover & Feature Car December 2010


Well we finally found some time to get our 2010 back to the dyno. Since our last track outings we've made a few changes. The car has been converted to run on E85. We're using a custom 166lb injector that's run by the stock computer. We've also turned up the boost. Our old setup on gasoline consisted of 21psi and made 805rwhp on UPR's Mustang Dyno. With that setup we went 9.66@146.19 with Jeremy Martorella driving. Our goal is to work our way into the 8's using the stock 6 speed. We knew we were going to need more power to make that happen which is why we did the conversion and turned things up. All of the tuning on this car is being done by Jon Lund of Lund Racing who provides us all of our customers custom tuning as well. We spent a few hours on the dyno last night and made some progress. Some additional tuning and a few small issues need to be worked out before we hit the track again but we were pretty pleased with the numbers it made. Our best pull was 993rwhp. With the issues sorted out we're looking to see close to 1100rwhp. We'll be sure to keep everyone posted on how the car does. A quick recap of what we run.


We decided to pull the stock 2010 GT500 motor and replace it with an all aluminum built race motor by Al Papitto. From custom cams and pistons to billet I-beam rods this motor was built to make some serious power. It didn't stop there as there was extensive head work done by Chris @ Champion Racing Heads. We topped the motor off with the massive 4.0L Whipple supercharger with the custom Super Cobra Jet Crusher inlet and Whipple's Monoblade throttle body and CAI with 123mm MAF. 166lb Injectors and a Triple Walbro return style system featuring Fore Precision Works fuel hat, fuel rails , Aermotive Pro-Series regulator and filter supplies all the E85 we need.


The cooling system consists of the Revan Racing/C&R Dual Pass Heat Exchanger with Dual Puller Fans, Lethal Performance Intercooler Pump Upgrade kit featuring a 55gpm waterpump, Reische Performance 170deg thermostat and a Moroso Intercooler Reservoir.


The drivetrain consists of the stock TR6060 transmission, Mcleod RXT twin disc clutch kit, Mcleod Steel flywheel, Steeda Tri-Ax shifter and a DSS 3.5" aluminum driveshaft.


Our front suspension consists of a BMR Fabrication lowered K-member, BMR adjustable A-Arms, BMR K-member support brace, QA1 Adjustable struts and a QA1 front coil over kit.


Our rear suspension consists of UPR upper and Lower control arms with Upper mount and lower relocation brackets, Steeda Panhard Rod and Brace, Steeda Torque box brace, QA1 adjustable shocks and Cobrajet rear springs.


Dress Up items include Project 321 Engine Bay Cap Set, Project 321 Billet Coil Covers, Moroso Coolant Tanks, Lethal Performance Hydro Carbon radiator shroud, fuse box cover and hood vent.


Wheel and Tire Setups Include:

Bogart GT Series 17x5" F 15x10" R with Mickey Thompson 28x15" Slicks and Hoosier front runners

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Haha that's just crazy HP numbers I don't even know what to say. The supercharger whine is so loud at first I thought it was a turbo. Mind educating me on the advantages of running on E85? I hope to see the Lethal Performance shop in person someday as well your GT500. I remember watching the videos when you took delivery of her, now she's all growns up *tear*

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