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NFL Fines Players for Bad Hits............COOL

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NASCAR Style, this is GREAT. The Players are heavily Paid so why not induse Fines for their Actions. They should also be Fined for those dumbass Dances they do when they make a Play or a Touch Down. The NFL should figure out a way to start a "Points System" for Teams and for Owners like Nascar to. It would make it real interesting to watch the Games if any Player could actually make the Team and or the Owner Loose Points. At the beginning of the Season, each Team pays into a Points Account and the Teams are awarded Points for each Touch Down they make. At the end of the Year, the winning Team gets to divy up the Money between the Players and they get a Big Points Trophy. A bad Team could actually win if the Good Teams screw up and loose to many Points.




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OK, here is what I have come up with so far:

Lets put the NFL Football Teams on a “Points System” where the Teams compete for a “Points Champion Trophy”. This will be set up similar to the Nascar Points System. The Teams Points equal how many points they scored in a Game. If a Team scores 47 Points in a Game, they earn 47 Points in the “Points System". Here is where it gets interesting……… if a Flag is thrown, the Team that the Flag is on looses Points. How ever many Yards the Team is set back from that Flag, that is how many Points the Team looses (a Minimum of 5 Points). This puts all of the Football Teams on an even playing field because it is Touch Downs and Field Goals that earn the Teams Points BUT, it is the Players Actions that make the Teams loose Points. It may take a few Years for this to take hold and the teams actually try to Win the “Points Champion Trophy” but if it is marketed right, I think it would bring a new angle to NFL Football and possibly add new Fans just like the Points System has done for Nascar.

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David your killing me man :hysterical::hysterical: using the helmet as a weapon is not a good thing and I am glad that the NFL and soon to follow the colleges and highschools will teach there players NOT to use the helmet as a hammer against anyone.They also need to make the fine HURT there wallets and suspend them if need be. There is NO reason to have any helmet to helmet hits in football.That is not how I was taught when tackling some one and its not how any of you guys where taught.

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