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Q?: Installing Shelby 5.4L Fuel Rails

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Okay, so I bought a set of the new Shelby fuel rails for my 2010 GT500 w/5.4L and a Whipple 2.9 SC. I also purchased the adaptor for the fuel feed line.


I opened the box to find just the fuel rails and no list or instruction sheet to tell me what fittings I need or what is recommended for the fuel line cross-over line and/or end plugs/fittings for the rails. I actually expected a "plug-n-play" set of fuel rails that I could just bolt on and go with. I mean, the item description on the Shelby Store site says I needed the fuel line adaptor but nothing else about the cross-over and end plugs. The stock cross-over is not transferable so it is of no use to me either.


The city I live in is woefully short of ANY performance shops so I can't just walk in and pick/choose whatever fittings I need off a wall like I could in my old home town. And hence, I can't just order up a handful of fittings from someplace like Jegs/Summit since I have NO idea what I need.


If someone from Shelby is reading this, does Shelby make and/or sell a kit for my needs? If not, do you/they sell the fittings and line that I could make my own with? I will be passing through Vegas on either Tues. or Weds. a.m. so I could pick up whatever I need, if you/they have them.


Has anyone here installed these fuel rails or similar/like fuel rails on their Shelby GT500 and can you ID the parts I need?


Do you have a list of part numbers, or even the description of all the fittings I need? (thread pitch/diameter, type, etc. etc.)?


How about the cross-over line? Pass it in front of, behind or over the (in my case, Whipple) supercharger?


I'll have my fuel rails in hand when I head to Cali. so I can at least stop into my old Perf./Speed Shop when I get there, if Shelby can't help me out before then.



Thanks in advance (I hope),

Phill Pollard

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