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'08 Registration


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I just bought an '08 SGT that has been registered. Who do I contact to update new owner information?



Registry Supervisor

Name: Steven Thornton

Team Shelby Moniker: ShelbyMotorsports

Email: stevent@shelbyamerican.com

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Yes you can email me directly or you can register the car under your name by visiting the registry home page at http://registry.teamshelby.com/


Just use the Register Your Shelby button and after you enter your vin number you will get a new screen saying that this car has already been registered, are you add new owner info? Click yes and then you will be asked to enter your personal info.


Once you've registered the car under your name be sure to request your SAI Registry Certificate thru the Shelby Store. A link to the certificate can also be found on the registry home page, see link above.



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