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Having trouble opening my hood


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A lot of times the cable just stretches so that when the handle is pulled there is not enough movement of the cable to release the hood lock. I would suggest unscrewing the hood release handle/cable from the bottom of the dash, so that it hangs freely, and see if you can grab the exposed cable right where it connects to the handle with some pliers. As you will see most of the cable is covered in a sheath so you'll need to look for the actual exposed cable and then try to pull this cable to unlock the hood. This will mess up the cable but the cable needs replacing anyway.


Now if the cable is actually broken and not just stretched you'll have to find a way to get to the hood latch.



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Lots of views, but no advice. Does anyone have an idea of anything that may help to get the hood open?



Sorry, I've never had an issue with it. Steve's idea sounds good but as he stated, hopefully the cable is still connected to the latch under the hood. Ask a dealer or garage what they do..

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Thanks for the suggestion. The cable had popped off its connection on the hood release.



just registered here, belong to a couple other sites, moparts, dodge connection, sdac, etc. did you ever get your hoodf open? i've been out here, looking at mine, and honestly, cant see a way into it. the upper radiator support is hollow, and the cable runs inside it. the round post, that locks the hood down, cant be accessed from underneath, or from inside. you cant go through the grill, because the hood has tro be up, to remove it. try a collision type body shop. they may have a way to get into it. (if you havent yet)

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I got lucky and the cable had come off the inside latch. The hood opens fine now. You are definitely right about the difficulty of getting the hood open with a broken cable. I am going to rig up some kind of back up release cable, and would recommend everyone reading this do the same before they get completely locked out. I got really luck on this one.

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