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Strut bar?

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Ford will say starting in 2010 they changed up the suspension so it didnt need it.I have a vert and could feel a little cowl shake,so i went with the painted JLT unit---cowl shake gone




That's good to know, I've been thinking about getting a strut bar and your experience tells me exactly the outcome. Did you look at any other bars before deciding on the JLT unit and what drove that decision?



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strut bars have always been a great addition for flexi cars when cornering and always highly recommended in verts,


I have been thinking of adding one to our 11 vert but the local dealer/shelby guru said it may stiffen up the ride even further in the front since it elliminates the chassis flex that absorbs some of the bumps..............maybe someone that knows can elaborate about that.

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I have a 2011 non-SVT coupe and I added the FRPP strut tower brace. I purely bought it for looks and it looks good. I drive my car but I don't 'tear the curves up' and as far as I'm concerned, I really don't have any significant different in the handling or feel.

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